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MiaoYong Concentrated Washing Powder (1.15kg)




Neutral enzyme washing powder, FBA/  nonylphenol free, gentle and  non-irritant for skin.

Natural and eco-friendly anti-bacterial washing powder.

Enzyme dissolution, mild cleaning, strong detergency, less foaming and water usage.

Applicable to all wet-washing garments, including innerwear.

Easy cleaning with no residual.

Quickly dissolves the dirt hidden in the fibers.


  • Enzyme washing powder infiltrates clothe fibers and dissolves the stains promptly.
  • Customer Review I: My family consists of 14 people and we have used MiaoYong washing powder for nearly a decade. No one has been allergic to the product. None of us have got skin disease. All because the product is FBA free.
  • Customer Review II: Members of a family from the mid part of Taiwan had skin irritations using another brand. Ever since they started using MiaoYong wahing powder, the problem has gone away. They even recommended their neighbours for group purchase. It’s because MiaoYong washing powder contains no surfactant.
  • Customer Review III: I’m used to hand-washing innerwear and I never have to wear gloves for it. Because it is neutral washing powder with no alkali/ nitrate/ bleach.
  • Colour protection. Light/ dark colour clothing can be jointly washed without bleeding.
  • Adding warm water for optimal cleaning results for heavy duty or towels.
  • Concentrated powder. Only 1/3 usage compared to other brands. Upon daily-used base, may last for four months.
  • Hinoki essential oil for sooth cleaning. No residual of chemicals.
  • Many consumers purchased advertised stain removers in the market, yet ended up sending to the laundry. MiaoYong is used by various professional laundry stores as alkaline detergents may damage the clothes.
  • Less foaming, efficient and strong dissolution, eco-friendly.
  • Anti-bacterial and odour eliminating with enzyme ingredients.
  • Prevents second-time pollution while soak-washing.
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