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MAGICO Laundry Detergent 250ml*2

Effectively kills the bacteria on surface and removes the smell

★ Extended effectiveness from 24hrs to 7 days

★ USP verified and UN certified

★ Non-toxic, non-irritant and safe



New formula of active enzymes. Eco-friendly stain remover. Keeps the collars/ cuffs clean and away from sweat stains.

Best eco product of all time- XiaoSuLing laundry gel for collars.

Advanced bio-tech concentrated active enzymes neutral detergent with strong detergency. Easily removes tough stains in a harmless way for health security.

Active enzymes can be applied to all types of wet-washing garments. Dissolves the stains on collars/ cuffs naturally (including blood stains).

Pros: Instant detergent, strong detergency for though stains, quickly dissolves the dirt and stains on collars/ cuffs/ socks including sweat/ oil/ sauce/ juice/ blood/ protein-based stains.

User Guide: Use directly for laundry or dilute with triple amount of water for partial cleaning (especially for stained collars and cuffs)

Made in Taiwan

Ingredients: Lipase, Protease

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