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MAGICO Herbal Oil Relaxing Mosquito Spray150ml/btl and 40ml/ btl

150ml/btl and 40ml/ btl (extended effectiveness)


Compound essential oil from plants and exclusive anti-mosquito ingredients.

Multi-purposes including anti-mosquito, distressing, swelling-reducing and sterilizing.

  • Extended protection to keep off insects including Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Forcipomyia taiwana
  • DEET-free, safe and non-toxic. Chinese meds added to enhance effectiveness. Recommended by Chinese medical doctors.
  • Anti-mosquito/ Forcipomyia taiwana, anti-dengue/ contagions. Essential oil for distressing, reducing swelling and sterilizing.
  • Effectively avoid mosquito bites, providing all-round protection. No skin irritant with natural fragrance. Weak acidic, safe for skin, refreshing and unsticky.
  • No side effects. No camphor/ menthol/ Paraben preservatives/ synthetic perfume/ pigment. Safe for adults and children.

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Highly recommended by Chinese medical doctors

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