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MAGICO Extended Pet Shampoo




Formula Dogs and Cats: Good sort for Golden Retriever, Sheepdog, Labrador etc.

Formula Shaggy dogs: Good sort for Samoyed, White Pomeranian/ Poodle, Japanese Spitz, Bichon Frise, Great Pyrenees etc.

Formula Colour Protection:  Good sort for Brown Poodle/ Pomeranian, Cocker, Golden Retriever, Chow Chow etc.

Formula Odor Eliminator: Good for Tibetan Mastiff, German Shepherd, Border-Collie etc.

Formula Skin Disease: Good for symptoms such as itchiness from skin diseases or furfur.

Formula Cat: Good sort for all cats.

1 Using natural ingredients for deep cleaning. FBA/ bleach free, safe for long term usage. Plant fruit oil gives the dirt on hair a deeper cleaning, for white dog breeds to return to its original brightness. Silk protein added for nourishment to prevent broken/ brittle hair, avoid static and moisturize the hair.

2 Natural herbal essential including sage, thyme, ginkgo and aloe. Low stimulation, soap-free, gentle foaming, easy cleaning, no residual.

3 For silky/ long hair, natural moisturizing ingredients to avoid static and keep smooth hair with no tangle. Witch-hazel extract, glycine, proteolytic enzymes, vitamin B5/ E, extracts, citrate, natural essential oil, silk protein, D-P protective element etc. Natural compound formula for moisturizing to effectively protect coarse, brittle hair.

4 White, light-coloured hair. Smooth, natural cleaning and colour-protective ingredients including amino acid and organic compound. Effective cleaning for bringing back the original hair colour. Chitin, camomile extract, vitamin B5, hydrolysed silk for shiny, fluffy hair. FBA/ bleach free, safe for dog skins.

5 Non-medical anti-flea shampoo, safe for pets of all ages and owners. Please refer to subject articles for details. Soap-free, gentle foaming, easy cleaning, low stimulation and no residual.

6 Specialized for skin disease. Ingredients including herbal extracts, nettle extract, seaweed extract, vitamin P, aloe extract, amino acid glucose glycerine, grape seed extract, lactate and amphoteric surfactant.

7 Specialized for brown poodle. Natural colour-protective and fragrant formula to enrich the hair, bringing out shinier hair colour. Includes natural moisturizing ingredients to avoid static and prevent coarse, brittle hair.

8 Intensive moisturizer. Ingredients: pearl paste, silk protein, amino acid, CAPB, jojoba oil, castor oil, sea salt, glycerine, vitamin B3/E, essence.

9 Specialized for cats. Natural herbal extracts including sage thyme, ginkgo and aloe for soothing skins and regulate sebum secretion. Natural colour-protective and fragrant formula leaving extended fragrance for 5 to 8 days. Low stimulation, soap-free, gentle foaming, easy cleaning.

10 Non-medical anti-flea shampoo for cats. The first ever physical anti-flea approach. Using DE elements of seaweed to damage the exoskeletal wax of fleas and ticks, causing dehydration death of pests.

The products have been tested and confirmed by Stray Animal Association in Taiwan of excellent anti-flea effect. SGS certified and applicable to all ages of cats.

Used for pets.

Attention: According to Veterinary Drugs Control Act, non-medical drugs shall have no signs/ promotions/ commercials on animal disease prevention/ treatment or physiological function enhancement/ regulation. Please refer to product package or dealers website for more info.

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