JieBai Detergent





Specialized for removing old/ betel nut/ blood/ coffee/ juice stains on white/ coloured clothes.

  • Oxidizing bleach, H2O2 derivatives, good for bleaching white/ coloured garments.
  • Easily removes old/ dirt/ juice/ blood/ milk/ fat/ sauce stains with room temperature/ warm water.
  • Sooths fiber after wash, leaving soft texture.
  • Water soluble and reacts with weak acid. Releases oxygen promptly in combination with auxiliary which saves usage and time.
  • Combining JieBai and auxiliary will have acid-base neutralization. Strong detergency with less foaming.
  • Three in one: bleaching, sterilization and disinfection.

User Guide:

  • 300-500c.c. for self-help washing machine 18kg.
  • JieBai and auxiliary have to be added separately, do NOT mix before wash.
  • 5-30 minutes of per-soak for white clothes for optimal results.
  • Heavy duty stains: wet the stain then apply the detergent, and rinse afterwards.

Do NOT leave the detergent on clothes for too long.

Ingredients: CAPB, disodium, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide.


  • For coloured/ dyed garments, test on the edge before wash. Do NOT use if colour bleeds.
  • The product is water-based, do NOT use on dry-clean-only clothes.

This is power detergent, use gloves while using. If contacted with eyes or skin, flush with plenty of water and consult a doctor.

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