Fremont Stain Remover



Best detergency and environmentally safe.

Natural solvent from the extract of citrus, easy cleaning on tough oil stains.

Best Eco product of all time- Fremont Stain Remover

Natural solvent from the extract of citrus imported from EU with citrus scent. A replacement for chlorinated solvents, Fremont is a neutral cleaning product which is similar to the pH of blood in humans. Assured safety for users.

Pros: Instant detergent, strong detergency for though stains with no pollution nor harm. Can be used for specific stains.


Good for removing stains of dense mineral oil, engine oil, cooking oil, lipstick, ink, juice, sauce and so on. Safe for washing tie-dyed clothing or clothes with oil print and laminated pattern. No damage to the patterns and colours.

User Guide: Use directly for laundry or dilute with triple amount of water for partial cleaning (especially for stained collars and cuffs).

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