F2 Liquid Soap (Large)



Eco-friendly cleaning product aligned with environment rules. Strong detergency with no harm to garments and printings. Apply to collars/ cuffs/ oil stains before wash. Dilute with 1-6 times of water. Read and check laundry labels before wash. . Good for removing collars/ cuffs/ oil/ overalls, Spa oil, essential oil, cooking oil stains. Combine with TaiBao Laundry Powder for optimal results. Can be used as mechanics hand soap, no harm to the skin. Applicable to cotton, linen, chemical fibers, synthetic silk and blended fibers.
Removes stains on collars/ cuffs and cooking oil/ mineral oil/ engine oil/ lipstick/ ink/ juice/ betel nut juice/ coffee and soy sauce.
User Guide:
Dilute with water and apply directly to the stains or add into the washer (abt 100c.c. for washing machine 16kg).
Caution: Wet washing ONLY. Please refer to laundry labels or test on the edge of clothes before wash. Avoid contact with eyes. DO NOT ingest. Keep out of reach of children.

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