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EVERPURE- Washer cleaner

Using 100% German-imported materials
5 packs/ box (150g *5)


Removes the mould stains and leave natural fragrances on clothes


1 Applicable to stainless steel and plastic drums.

2 Made of additive-free washing soda (sodium carbonate) instead of low-priced chemical synthesis which is completely safe to use.

3 Chemicals free, and the wastewater can be broken down within one day and releases zero environmental hormones.

4 Removes dirt and mould stains inside the drums to assure clothes hygiene and prevent secondary pollution.

User Guide for Regular washers:

1 Pour one pack of powder into the washer and fill up with water (room temperature works optimally).

2 Turn on and start washing for 3-4 minutes then stop.

3 Soak the drum for 3-4 hours.

4 Turn on and start washing again.

5 Drain the wastewater and refill with clean water for another session.

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