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EVERPURE-Citrus Enzyme Neutral Washing Gel (Water-based dry-cleaning)

Professional detergent. Water-based dry cleaning



1 Natural citrus extract, deep cleaning, strong biodegradation, SGS certified

2 Medical grade antibacterial agent for extended effectiveness, killing 99.999% of virus within one minute, including H1V1 and hundreds of types.

3 DD high activated polyester fiber for colour/ elasticity protection, giving great comfort.

4 antibacterial, odor eliminable, requires professional knowledge and experiences.



1 Check and confirm cleaning guides of garments.

2 Using right detergent

3 Setting right amount of cleaning time

4 Perfect cleaning results (hand-washed or soft-washed)

5 Sun-dry or dryer machine.

6 Ironing and Processing

Ps. Professional guidance are required.

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