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Everpure- Citrus enzyme all-purpose cleaning powder

Everpure- Citrus enzyme all-purpose cleaning powder/ 1150g/ free shipping with 8-pack purchase
SGS qualified, Cleaning and Protective, Natural Baking Soda Formula



1 Cold-pressed citrus extraction with 5 types of proteolytic enzymes for a deep cleaning of removing stains on collar/ socks or dirt/ urine/ sweat stains.

2 Less foaming with no residual. Saves half usage compared to other powders in the market. Applies to all types of washers.

3 Citrus enzymes and proteolytic enzymes can exert an excellent effect at room temperature. It is advised to pre-soak 10 minutes of water with 30-40 degrees Celsius before washing.

4 Weak alkalis pH 8±1.5. FBA/ phosphorus/ nonylphenol free with no essence added. Harmless, water-saving and eco-friendly.

Main ingredients:

Natural cold-pressed citrus oil, natural soda, food grade baking soda, natural bacteriostatics, plant-derived surfactants, sodium carbonate, zeolite and 5 types of proteolytic enzymes.

User Guide: Put adequate amount of powder in the water and wait until fully dissolved. Pre-soak the laundry for 10 minutes for optimal cleaning results.

Applicable to baby clothes, high-end fabrics, inner/ outer wear, socks, cotton, linen, synthetic fibers, blended fibers and wet cleaning clothes.

Caution: Please read and check the laundry symbols, do NOT use if you see dry-cleaning only. Please make sure the materials of coloured clothing are solid to prevent from  bleeding. Avoid contact with eyes, DO NOT ingest, keep out of reach of children. If contact with eyes, flush immediately with water; If ingested, drink plenty of water and consult a doctor.

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