MiaoYong Softener





Milky white, phosphate/ NP/ EDTA free, pH 5.5-6.5. Liquid softener, remove static on clothes to be more comfortable wears and extend the life of clothes. Reduces wrinkles and makes your clothes smooth and soft as coming out of a dryer.

Fresh fragrance after wash, low stimulation and no residual for sensitive skin users and children.

Static Control: Nearly removes all static on clothes by antistatic agent which makes the surface of clothes slightly conductive to reduce or eliminate build-up of static electricity.

Concentrated liquid which saves time and money. An average of 25c.c. for top-load washers and 10c.c. for front-load washers. Do NOT exceed the suggested amount as it is for the best results. Please follow the instructions for optimal results and cost saving.

Soft, anti-mould, static-free, easy ironing, extended fragrance.

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