Clothing has advanced with technology and so have cleaning products. Such have become more specialized and diverse. Good products assure the customers quality service at laundry stores.

HongGeng has been in the industry for over two decades devoted to the development of laundry techniques.

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Three in One-JieBai, Auxiliary, Dispersant

Effective cleaning of old stubborn stains including betel nut juice.

1 No need of pre-wash treatment. Add adequate amount of the detergent into the washer will naturally dissolve dirt/ sweat/ juice/ betel nut juice and tough stains on collars/ cuffs during laundry session. Giving brightness on fibers with no pollution and optimal stain removal.

Concentrated, less foaming, easy cleaning, cost/ energy/ time saving.

2 Sterilizing and disinfecting with no residual. Adding some softener can maintain the elasticity of clothes. Fresh fragrance for the best customer experience.

3 FBA/ phosphorus free, eco and safe for skin.

Applicable to:

1 Any colour of wet washing clothes/ fibers including cotton, linen, denim, synthetic silk, chemical fibers.

2 Dark coloured garments need slight dispersant for washing. No colour bleeding, no fiber shrinkage/ stretch.

3 Oxygen released naturally during wash for brightening white/ coloured clothes.


Stained white garments may be soaked for five hours.

NO bleach allowed mixing with the product.

JieBai has sterilization, Flush with plenty of water if contacted with skin.

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