Announcement will be implemented on January 1, 2014. The third section of the Department of Commerce announced the date of announcement on January 1, 2014.

The laundry shop charges high laundry fees in advance and then runs off. It is heard from time to time. Therefore, the Commercial Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs revised the laundry stereotyped contract should be recorded and not According to the record, if the laundry fee charged by the predecessor exceeds 1,000 yuan or more, it must have a performance guarantee from a bank, etc., and it will be implemented from January 1, 104. In addition, in order to prevent business operators from using high membership fees to evade performance guarantees, they have changed the name of the pre-collected laundry fee to “membership fee”. Therefore, the upper limit of the “membership fee” is clearly set at 200 yuan, and consumers should be clearly informed to join the membership. right. According to the seventh point of the revised “Items to be recorded and not to be recorded in the laundry finalization contract”, the performance guarantee methods for pre-collected laundry fees exceeding a certain amount include “full performance guarantee provided by financial institutions” and “deposited in the financial institution Trust accounts opened by institutions”, “enterprise operators (at the same level in the same industry, with a market share of at least 5%) mutual joint and several guarantees”, “joint and several guarantee agreements on inter-bank laundry advance receipts handled by the Laundry Industry Association”, “other business operators There are five types of performance guarantee methods approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and approved by the Executive Yuan.

Business operators should post their formalized contract samples in a noticeable place on the business premises to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Please refer to the website of the Consumer Protection Division of the Executive Yuan for the newly revised “Matters to be recorded and not to be recorded in a finalized laundry contract” (Homepage Policies, Laws, Regulations and Finalized Contracts to be recorded and not to be recorded in a finalized contract).

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