Just three steps to teach you how to choose a good laundry detergent!

Remember the incident of “Pesticide detected in laundry detergent” at the beginning of the year? Clothing comes in close contact with our skin every day. If you choose poor quality laundry detergent, leaving chemical residues, it may not only cause skin allergies, but also cause cancer! Most people have myths when buying laundry detergent, which makes the factors that are easily harmful to health penetrate their lives. We have summarized four myths to help you eliminate and filter out all the problematic laundry detergents one by one!

1. Seeking low prices and losing health
Most people buy laundry detergent for “low price” considerations, but do not pay attention to its ingredients. In fact, substances that harm health are hidden in it. The most common ones are “fluorescers” and “chlorine bleaches” that can make clothes white. If fluorescents remain on clothes, they can easily cause skin allergies. Chlorine bleaches may erode the skin and damage the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

2. The perfect fragrance may be artificial fragrance
The aroma will affect the preference of some people to buy laundry detergent. Some laundry detergents have a pungent scent when opened. In fact, they may be added a lot of artificial flavors. Artificial flavors will continue to accumulate after entering the human body. Excessive amounts can cause allergies and, in severe cases, can lead to cancer. When buying laundry detergent, try to choose natural and environmentally friendly ingredients as much as possible. The smell of this laundry detergent is also natural and mild, and it will not cause the illusion of bees. Let us love the earth together.

3. Naturally less bubbles and can be washed clean
When someone uses natural ingredients in laundry detergent, they find that the amount of bubbles is relatively small, so they wonder if they can be cleaned? In fact, it is the “surfactant” that mainly affects the cleaning effect, and the amount of bubbles is not necessarily related to the cleaning power. If you add more laundry detergent in order to have more bubbles, the excess dose will not function and cause waste. If the washing is not clean, it will remain on the clothes, affecting health and causing pollution.

If you use non-natural ingredients and active agents synthesized from petrochemical products, it may have adverse effects on the human body. Experiments at Japan’s National Mie University pointed out that fish will die within 20 minutes in water containing petroleum-based surfactants. These organic compounds will not only leave clothes behind, but also evaporate into the air and harm the human body through inhalation.

“Health and love the earth” has become a way of life for more and more people, but most people don’t know that apart from using less electrical appliances and reducing carbon dioxide emissions, the easiest way to love the earth is to choose environmentally friendly products that are easy to be biodegraded. In particular, clothing comes in contact with our skin every day. If we encounter chemical residues that cause skin allergies, inflammation, and even cancer, the health lost will not be exchanged with money.